Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween Fun... about to start! I love Halloween, especially now that I have my own little trick-or-treater in the house, and this year I decided to make a few more decorations to enjoy. I took a page from the Stampin' UP! playbook and copied the cute white pumpkins that they showed us at Convention, and came up with this:
Cute, quick and simple using the new Spooky Decor Elements and the Black Rhinestones from the Holiday Mini Catalog. I was really surprised because I have never been able to handle the rub-ons without getting them stuck to everything I don't want them to stick to, but these are so easy to use it makes me want to decorate EVERYTHING!

So, if you come by and Bella has a big spider on her, don't swat at it, I probably just have her all gussied up for the holiday.

Onto other projects, Lydia and I have started a new Friday morning tradition. See, we typically meet up after I drop the kiddo off at school and have coffee and chat. I seriously believe we should have a film crew and buy some time on the TV because we would have an Emmy-award winning hit on our hands. Between the witty conversation and the fact that we know we can solve all of the world's problems if we were only allowed to handle things our way, it is a great time. Well, we finally got smart and added stamping to our Friday morning ritual, and it has been awesome!

I have actually made a self-imposed limit that I have to pack my stamping/coffee bag in 5 minutes or less to keep from overthinking what I will work on. Sometimes I just take one stamp and do a bunch of watercoloring, but this time I actually grabbed enough supplies to make a card, and came up with this little guy:

I had to put a close-up of the sweet little vampire on it because he is just too cute to be scary. Since I often forget to color faces (remember the disaster with the cards I made for Pioneer Woman?) I really like this little vampire because they are supposed to be extra pale, right? I have a feeling I am going to have a lot more fun with this set and the cool flocked polka-dot paper before October 31st arrives.
On another note, I think I am going to go trick-or-treating dressed up like a trauma victim since I have added a knee immobilizer to my own personal stash of orthopedic devices over this past week. See, on Thursday I decided to go out and check my mail. Now, for most people this is just another everyday thing to do, but I don't like doing anything the regular way so I thought it would be fun to see what I could trip over like a klutz on the way back into the house. Luckily, my driveway had a spacer that had come up from between the two concrete slabs, and I hit it in the middle of a full-on stride. I remember hearing the first few strains of Blue Danube Waltz while I began to soar.
Time slowed down to a crawl as I went full-on superman across my driveway. I can only imagine how spectacular I would have looked if I had had a cape on. My arms and legs both actually achieved a full horizontal position as I flung my mail to get that whole "ticker-tape parade" effect for myself. I mean, after all, I was flying!
The only problem with flight is one that I have heard from pilots my entire life: Take-offs are optional. Landings are mandatory. And, since I failed to think this entire thing through to the natural, gravity driven conclusion, I fell like a stone to the earth, striking my knees and foot first, with my hands to follow. The great news is my noggin did not get close to the concrete, which probably would have knocked me unconscious. The bad news is that somehow the part of my flip-flop that goes between my big toe and the second toe got shoved into my foot with enough force to break the big joint of my big toe, and I really banged up my right knee.
I can say that at first I was so happy to be alive that I stood up, gathered my mail, and the the little gymnast manuever where you throw both arms over your head to "salute" your judges and the crowd and to let them know that you are indeed finished with your show. Then I took a couple of steps. The funny thing about a nervous system is how quickly it lets you know that you are in trouble. See, I made it a good 4 steps before my nervous system overrode all of that adrenaline and said, "Hey, uh, Kim? Yeah, you got some broke stuff inside your body." I got into the house and to the sofa, where Little Miss fetched my tylenol and ice and eventually got herself a book and a snack for our trip to the emergency room.
Prognosis: broken toe on the left foot, really banged up knee on the right, and a knee immobilizer and "walking" boot, one for each leg. So, if you are worried about who the zombies will get first, well, I have you covered for the next 10 days because right now I cannot outrun them with these contraptions on.
I hope that you are all having a great weekend, and I just want to say if anyone got video of my stellar fall and decides to post it on YouTube, please, just spell my name correctly and don't put me on the same page as the full-on double rainbow guy.
Until next time, Happy Stamping!