Sunday, February 8, 2009

Treats for Everyone...

...are so cute and easy to make! Let me tell you, I love a nice piece of chocolate. Between all those feel good endorphins and just the plain ole tastiness of it, there is nothing like it. Until you do this with it:

Then not only is it sweet and dark and delicious, but also so cute that you want to keep it all for yourself! Of course, we know that it is better to share, which is why I made three of these cute candy pull cards. One for me and two to share. Or two for me and one to share, I haven't worked out all those little details yet. Don't judge me.

The point is, these little cuties can elevate even a simple goodness like a candy bar to new heights and show that you care with just a few minutes of time. And if you like these, you can make them to. I have class details on my business website so feel free to hop on over and check it out.

I have to say I think this little blue and pink number is my favorite one because of the butterflies. The new die from Sizzix really makes them so easy, and when you mount them in layers it adds a pretty look. I love tools that make me look talented, don't you?

The best thing about a project like this is that no matter what your skill level is, you can do this. You can make these as elaborate or as simple as you like, and I promise that either way they will be beautiful, and the person that you share them with will love it!

So try something new and creative today, and see where it takes you. I hope that everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend, and until next time, Happy Stamping!



Lydia said...

Umm - If I had that many Hershey bars in my house it would be a very theoretical class where people would just imagine the candy like zen masters!! These are GREAT!!! I love the butterfly one too - I haven't busted out that die yet.

Rose said...

I totally LOVE them! Sooo cute!!

I also LOVE that photo of you and Miss A! Toooo precious!