Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bock, bock...

...said the little Easter chick. You can tell he is the king of all Easter chicks because he is holding his little crown on his fuzzy yellow noggin. Tres chic, my little yellow friend!

Then, you open the card to see that he is not poultry royalty (try saying that one three times an old vocal exercise from college!), but he is just making some deliveries for his bunny buddy!
I bet if he were a little bigger, he wouldn't hold his eggs on his head, but would put them in a cute little basket like this one to carry to all the little chicks in the barnyard.
Since I got an extremely late start on Easter this year, I decided to make a quick little 3 x 3 card to get me in the mood. That was followed by the basket, and I am sure that pretty much all day tomorrow I will be stamping out some super cute bunnies to make my heart feel spring-like.
So, if any of y'all are in the mood to come and be springy with me, just give me a quick call or email and head over this way! I hope everyone has a great night, and until next time, Happy Stamping!


Lydia said...

OMG this is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose said...

Soooo cute!! Wish I was there to make these with you, but I'm enjoying my visit! Xoxox