Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Stamps

Hi everyone out there in stamp-a-rama land! I am happy to say that I have returned safely home from convention and think that I have (finally) unpacked the last of my stuff and am ready to tell y'all some of the fun details about my week in Salt Lake City. I have to say that I missed each of you, and wished beyond all hope that I could have taken a laptop out there so I could have given you up to the minute reporting, but what I lack in timeliness I will have to make up for in details. So buckle up, buttercup! This is a fun tale of some of my western adventures.

Before I get started on the juicy stuff, can I just say one thing? If you are sitting next to me on an airplane, please understand that there are a few givens, and here they are in no particular order:

1. I like the window seat. I like to sit just behind the wing so that I can make sure that the pilot and crew are doing their job, that the flaps and ailerons are functioning correctly and that everyone is working in top form. No, I don't know how to fly an airplane, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express one time and if I feel there is an emergency about to happen you better believe I will figure it out PDQ. Also, I watched too much Twilight Zone as a kid and I just know that one day there will be a man on the wing of the plane.

2. Since I am planted firmly next to the window making sure that we stay airborne, that means that if you choose to be my seatmate you are going to be between me and the aisle. If you pretend to be asleep and I have to go to the lavaratory, this means that you are either going to have to "wake up", or I am going to lap dance my way over you. You don't want that. Seriously.

3. I don't want to talk to you. I am busy already talking to God, trying to make sure that the airplane stays in the air for the alloted duration of the flight. Don't think that your small talk about what you plan to do or the best place to eat matters to me. I am a nervous flier, and I am convinced that the sincerity and duration of my prayers help keep our plane where we all want it to be. Do you really want to be the person that interrupts that? I think not.

OK, now that those little ground rules for flying with me are out of the way, let's talk about the Sisterhood!
This is a picture of our Mother land, the Stampin' UP! headquarters in Riverton. I was able to take a tour there Wednesday before convention got into full swing. I have decided that if we ever leave Austin, we are moving here and I am taking a job, although they probably would not let me work in the shipping area, unless they don't mind me drooling on demo orders and trying to sneak stamps out every single day. Next year I think I am going to hide out in demo support until they close up and then just run around singing, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year". Yes, it is that good.

Here is the main stage area. I can't do it justice. Imagine a ginormously huge convention area that is full of 3000+ stampers. And guess what? They have SWAPS! Tons and tons of stamping goodness that makes me think, "You know, I think I can make 1,000 swaps next year instead of just 100." There is so much stamping goodness that you can just suck it up by osmosis. And believe me, I tried!

Here is the proof of that:

The first picture is me at Lydia's U-blue blogger's meeting. Lydia is on the left of the picture, next is Linda Hanson (OMG!) who has probably forgotten more about stamping than I could ever hope to learn, and then me with a smile so big I am surprised Linda even allowed me near her. Not that I gave her much of a choice on that one.

The picture on the right is me and Jan Tink. If you haven't ever seen her blog, just click on her name and go there now. I'll wait...

You're back? Already? Or have you been gone for a week and a half and now you're back? I understand, I truly, truly do. I had a plan in place for meeting Jan which my upline, Meg, was party to. Basically it was understood that I was in full stalker mode throughout the duration of convention, and that when I spotted Jan I would throw my camera at Meg, who was to turn it on and get it in focus as I tackled, er, approached Jan and grabbed her against her will asked her nicely if I could have a picture with her. Meg made me promise not to lick Jan's cheek, lest I get to meet the Salt Lake City police department, and in the end I think I did restrain myself very well. And if you are one of the people I shoved aside like an SEC linebacker in order to get to Jan during lunch on Saturday, I apologize. I really am a nice person, and I'll send you a get well card soon. I hear stitches are very stylish this year!

Finally, a shot (one of many I took) of the Temple in SLC. The grounds were stunning, and if you are a fan of history and architecture I really recommend spending some time walking around and take one of the tours there. It is worth your time! Thanks for stopping in, and I will be posting more pictures from Salt Lake as well as some cards in the next few days. Until next time, Happy Stamping! Kim

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