Monday, August 2, 2010


See ya' real soon!


Why? Because we like you!


Yes...we are officially in the Land of the Mouse. Funny thing is, we intended to do one day at Disney during this vacation. Just one. Because last time we were here, we did a full week at the parks. Seven complete days of all things Mickey, Minnie, and definitely a little Goofy. So this time, we decided to use some restraint, because anyone who has done 7 days at Disney knows that by day 5, you are looking at it like you are a hostage in a bad movie, and that doesn't bode very well for the small child in your life. Decision made! Just. One. Day.

Then we took Little Miss to dinner at Downtown Disney, specifically, at T-Rex.

Did I mention that they have "Build-a-Dino" there? Yes, it is Build-a-Bear, but with Dinosaurs.

This is Little Miss giving her pterodon a bath. I thought it was a pterodactyl, but I was misinformed. Little Miss said to me very matter-of-factly, "Mom, I have familiarized myself with the dinosaurs, and this is a pterodon, not a pterodactyl. You can tell because the top of her head is different." Yes. Of course I can. How could anyone not have known that? Guess I'll be doing a little remedial study on the different variety of flying dinosaurs when we get home.
I have always given it to Disney...they go all out on things like this. That is a full-sized T-Rex skeleton "buried" in the ice cave that leads to the restrooms, which were labeled...wait for it...wait for it...She-Rex and He-Rex. Notice the little pre-historic bow on She-Rex's head? Yes, that is a bow. Because, well, even meat-eating ginormously scary dinosaurs like to look pretty!

After dinner we did some shopping and sight-seeing. David decided to try on a Capt. Jack look, while Little Miss opted for the super cute route. Finally, a quick peek into the Bibbidi-Boppity-Boutique, where Fairy Godmothers turn little girls into princesses.

Yes, our intentions were great, but after this first night of fun we decided that we might ought to plan on at least 2 days at Disney, with a Blizzard Beach day thrown in for good measure! Tomorrow is a lazy day for us to just chill out, then it will be off to Mouse-land, where any little girl can be a princess and mommies and daddies get to see some pretty awesome smiles.
I hope that your life is filled with magic and love today! I promise we will return to our previously scheduled stamping program once I get home, but for the next week I am going to be relaxing and having all kinds of Florida fun with the family.
For those of you wondering about those cute little mutts that we left at home, well, they are safe with the house/pet sitter, who called today to let me know that Bella ate his cell phone. Nice. I wonder if a pair of mouse ears will make it up to him?
Have a great night, and until next time...Happy Stamping!

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