Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Little girls' birthdays...

...are just the best! I love it when my daughter or any of her friends has a birthday, because it means that I get to make a super cute, sparkly birthday card. This week is especially wonderful because my niece is having her 4th birthday on Saturday (Hey sweetie! Aunt Kimmy loves you!), and one of Little Miss A's friends is having an "almost sleepover" birthday party on the same day. BTW--this is the best birthday party idea ever. The group arrives at the birthday girl's house in their pj's, get their toenails painted, eat cake, and then come home before the real bedtimes arrive. Jen, you get my smartest mom in the world award!

So, to celebrate both of these special days I wanted to make cards that would be cute, a little wild, and just perfect for both of these little ladies. Are you ready to see them? OK, here are the pics:

I love the Crazy for Cupcakes set. I just love the idea of someone bringing me a pink platter with cupcakes stacked from bottom to top, each one more covered in sprinkles than the one before it. The zebra paper was the idea of my little one, who saw it in a store the other day and told me that she loved it and wanted to make some cards from it.

What you can't see in these shots is that all of the white images are actually stamped on Shimmery White Cardstock, so they have a bit of extra shimmer all over them. I added Stickles as my icing on the cupcakes and then put Crystal Effects on the cherries to make them look juicy.

There they are! I hope that you enjoyed these cute little 15 minute cards today. And on your next birthday why don't you go ahead and request a platter of cupcakes with sprinkles on them? I guarantee you will have a happy birthday if you do. Until next time, Happy Stamping!


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