Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nothing like...

...watercoloring to relax you when you need it. Lately, I've needed it. And nothing like a friend linking to your blog to make you realize, "I had better put a card up on my blog today". Thanks for the jump-start, Lydia! (You really need to click on her's because she is addressing a matter of utmost seriousness today. Seriously. OK, not life-and-death serious, but concerning nonetheless.)

I always lament the fact that I don't have enough good "manly" sets for cards for the hubby and father-in-law. This year, I pulled out my favorite stand-by, "For Father", and "Seaside" to make these cards:

On the first one I stamped the toolbox image from "For Father" using Black Staz-On then colored in with my Watercolor Wonder Pencils. One day, when I am old and gray and have nothing left, I intend to hide my pencils under my little-old-lady bathrobe and take them with me wherever I go. That is how much I care for them. They are well-used, and I find that I never seem to have to overthink what I am doing when I pull them out of the box. If you haven't tried them yet, you need to, and I promise that you will begin a life-long love of coloring with pencils, too.
I blended out everything with my Aquapainter and then roughed the edges up a little before I put it all together.
This card got multiple, many colored seashells stamped on it, then I stamped the starfish using Timber Brown Staz-On onto Creamy Caramel cardstock. I painted in some Ruby Red ink using the Aquapainter, which really helped to give the little starfish a personality! I like to think that all starfish are like Peach on "Finding Nemo", giving play-by-play insight to the other fish in their world, whether it is in the sea or an aquarium.
Forgive me, but as far as movies go, if it says "Pixar" or "Disney" on it there is a very good chance I have seen it 5 or 6 hundred times by now. That is what having a kiddo will do to you. What's that you say? "Finding Nemo" came out way before my kid was born? And you know for a fact that I bought it before I ever expected to have her? Well, that is just my business and you can't prove anything, anyway.
So, let me know what you think of the cards, and, if you are so inclined and need a couple of Father's Day Cards and want to spend a little fun time over at my house, shoot me an email and we'll schedule a time that you can make these up. Check out my SU website under "Events" for my full class schedule. (Even though this official class date has passed, I can still do one-on-ones as my schedule allows.)
I hope that you have a fun-filled, watercoloring day! Until next time, Happy Stamping!

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