Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I promised you....

...some pictures of all the wonderful goodies from Memento Mall, so here are a few:
The Christmas ornament that is so beautiful it made my eyes hurt! You can leave the sweet stamped image in it, or you can put in a favorite photo...whatever you want!
The tote that I will probably snuggle up with tonight! Loved it so much that I also got the matching laptop case to store my paperwork in, since my hubby (rock on, David!) got me a laptop that is too big for a normal case to handle.
Our fun, funky Convention bag this year! First of all, it is pink and orange, and who wouldn't be happy just to touch it, right?
Secondly, it is full of stamp sets, which we all know automatically increases its cool status to Defcon 4.
Finally, I got to experience one of my awesome downline girls get her first Convention bag! I hope that next year we have a slew of Stamp-a-Rama girls here together, having all kinds of fun! I can't wait to post more, and I am so excited to get home to share all the amazing things I am seeing with all of you. If you have ever, or never, thought about having a workshop before you are going to want one when I get back! I just can't wait!
OK, off to happy hour and then to the Flower Power party with the fun folks at Stampin' Up! Tomorrow we will be live from the Main Stage, where all the great classes and demonstrations will be held. I just can't wait! I hope y'all are excited and enjoying the little posts I am putting up here.
Contest for today: Who co-founded Stampin' Up! with Shelli, and what year did the company start? Answer in a comment on this post, and I will draw a winner from all the correct answers. Tell you friends to come check out the blog so that they have a chance to win, too! (Don't be the girl who doesn't tell anyone because you want a better chance for yourself...there will be plenty of love to go around!)
See y'all soon, and until next time...Happy Stamping!


Keli said...

her sister in 1988
...I'm so glad you are having a blast-o-fun =)

Susan said...

OH! I know!! It was her sister LaVonne. I know this because I have one of the very first idea books (3-ring binder style) sitting right over there >>>> and it still has LaVonne's signature in it. I'll have to remember to bring it to one of our meetings. It's a hoot!

And the company started in 1988. Am I a stampin' nerd or whut? Is all that even still in the information given to new demonstrators? It was there last time but I haven't run across it this time. If not, it should go back in. It's a great story.

I will now cross post this to both my blog and my FaceBook page.

Anonymous said...

Her sister LaVonne Crosby was co-founder! Pick me!!

Jennifer Lambert

Kimberly M said...

Oh my - those bags are fabulous!!! I LOVE the orange and pink one!!!

I had to look it up, but Stampin' Up was founded by Shelli Gardner and her sister LaVonne Crosby in 1988.

So glad you are having a good time - ENJOY!

Jo Ann said...

Shelli started SU in 1988 with her sister.

Thanks for your postings, it looks awesome!

Jo Ann

Kim Williams said...

Wow...looks like lots of girls are in it to win it! Gonna sleep and will post a winner tomorrow!

Blanca said...

Contest for today: Who co-founded Stampin' Up! with Shelli, and what year did the company start? LaVonne Crosby in 1988

Michelle Carty said...

LaVonne Crosby, 1988. Pick me!!!

Pam said...

Looks like you are having a great time! More pics please!

Lupe said...

her sister in 1988

Lupe Sanchez said...

Her sister in 1988

Sue Flores said...

LaVonne Crosby co-founded with her sister Shelli in 1988.