Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Live, from Denver...

...Tamzin and I are at Denver airport waiting for our next flight which will take us to the Known Center of the Stamping Universe, Salt Lake City! Currently Tamzin is working on swaps and I am hoping that we are able to get bumped off of this flight and onto a slightly later one because it means we can both get a flight voucher, which I will use to....wait for it, wait for it....go to Convention again next year! Or Leadership in January. Who knows, but I can tell you it will be used for the progression of all that is good in the stamping world.

I have to say I am grateful for Tamzin, who, when she saw me looking nervously out at the rainy, gray, clouded skies made a point to tell me, "Don't look over there! Look at me! I went to a lot of trouble to look radiant so that you could look at me and not out the window." I think she is afraid that I really will see a man on the wing of the plane. (Although I discovered that she has never seen The Twilight Zone and I must remedy this as soon as possible.)

For some reason my computer is not allowing me to add my picture of Tamzin diligently working right now, but I will try again soon. Until then, check back often because the updates will come as fast as I can put them in!

Happy Stamping!


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Kimberly M said...

Hope you get your rest!

I love any photos from Convention - the crowds of happy stampers, the display boards of fabulous inspiration, the peeks of overhead presantations - it's all fabulous!

Have a GREAT time!!!