Saturday, April 13, 2013

Look Honey! It's the...

...leaning tower of our mailbox.

Awesome, no?  I know that secretly, really deep down you all wish you had a leaning mailbox like mine, with a faded cedar slat missing off of one side.  You don't have to admit you are jealous, I understand.  Oh, and the dead lantana around it?  Yeah, that is a specialty of mine, killing plants that are designed to live in Texas.  It's a gift really.  

Let me give you a little history of this mailbox, because it is our 3rd one since we moved into our home, and the first of our home improvements that we are doing this spring.  

We live on the corner of Brodie and Accomac, so about every 2-3 years we get someone who meanders off the road and takes out our mailbox.  Our first one got all dented up by a tow truck that was trying to do a 50-point turn between our house and the neighbor across the street.  Our second one got obliterated by someone that I can only assume was being chased by Vikings in Lamborghinis because he couldn't stop to say he was sorry, let alone be bothered with paying for a replacement.  

Part of me hopes that the Vikings caught him a bit down the street.  

And this one?  I think (again, best guess here), that a mailbox elf came along and just kept rocking it back and forth on its rebar base until it ended up constantly tilted to the side.  It sort of looks like a pound-puppy that just heard a strange noise at the neighbor's house, with its little head all tilted like that.  

So, what to do when you have a fun house mailbox?


Point to postman delivered my mail yesterday.  Into this box.  As you see it right now, laying at the end of my driveway.  I don't know if I should give him serious props or ask that he be drug tested, but I'm going to err on the side of thanks that I even got mail yesterday.  

Right now, a very talented stone-cutter is working diligently in my front yard giving me a new, sturdy, GORGEOUS mailbox:  

The part that is covered in that tangerine colored tape (Come on y'all, this is a stamping didn't think I was going to say "orange", did you?) are the house numbers on cast stone.  

And, after a day of working, I now have this in my yard: 

Can I hear a "WooHoo!"?  No more sad little tilted-head puppy, we now have a strong stone sentinel standing watch at the end of the driveway, and hopefully the pizza guy will be able to see our house numbers now.  We like our cheese thermo-nuclear hot around here.  

Enjoy your weekend, and go stamp a card for someone.  That always makes opening your mailbox a lot more fun!  

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