Friday, April 11, 2008

Bad Blogger...No Cookie!

Hi Everyone! Man, I keep thinking everyday, "I'm going to post something on the blog today, I'm going to post something on the blog today" and I never get to it. So, here is a little bit of what is going on in my life.

I joined Weight Watchers last Saturday. To say that this week has been a challenge, is, well, quite the little understatement. My entire body is screaming at me for a cookie or piece of pie or any little bit of satisfaction, and while I know that I can indulge in a little something, I also know me. The inner me. The one that thinks, "Hey if one cookie is good then a box of Thin Mints is divine." So I have been trying to quietly strangle that inner me by drinking more water than I previously thought was humanly possible.

This has been a crazy stamping week with lots of classes going on and lots of schedule changes for me. Now, a normal person just takes this in stride and continues to move forward, but you need to know something about me. I like a schedule. It gives me a sense of purpose. I mean, I have a dry erase calendar in my stamping room, a day planner with me all the time, and I write the weekly schedule on the dry erase board in the kitchen just so I don't forget something while I am eating breakfast in the morning. I like a little order (although sometimes the toy explosion that is my living room would care to differ on this) to make me feel good about my day.

But, there is an end in sight. I have my across-the-street exchange student coming over to my house to stamp with me tomorrow night, and it will be just stamping for fun, not for business! Yea ME!!!

And, so, I will bring this little saga to a close after one little story about my precious little girl, who is four.

We have found that using a "time out" type of discipline is pretty effective with her, because she does not like to be away from the action and getting ignored. After all, she is a first-born (right now only child) and by golly, that is all about the attention. So, the other day I place said lovely little girl in the time out chair which is in our kitchen, right by the fish tank. Little side note here: she is extremely vocal and opinionated and will risk more time in the chair just to make her point. So I go about cooking and getting dinner ready while she is supposed to be mulling over reasons why you don't sass mommy, and she turns to me and says, "You can call this the time out chair if YOU want to, but I am going to look at my fish and I will sit here ALL...DAY....LONG."

For a moment I felt like the genie in the bottle and wanted to say, "OK master, your wish is my command" but decided instead to move her to a new time out spot in the front living room where there are no pretty guppies to look at. Problem solved. Although now she will tell me, "This is not the right time out chair, mommy." It's all about perspective, baby, it is all about perspective.

Have a great night, I have some cool new pics to post very soon.

Happy Stamping!


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