Sunday, May 4, 2008

Home Again....

Boy, does it feel good to be back home. We had a great time in San Antonio the last few days. My hubby was doing some contract work down there so the DD and I packed our bag and headed down to visit him. We stayed only about 20 minutes from SeaWorld, also known as my little one's favorite place in the entire world, so I took her for a full day of activities on Friday. We fed dolphins, saw Shamu, fed the lorikeets (although one tried to chew my arm off), and basically just had an overall great time. My one mistake of the day? I totally forgot to take my camera with me! I never forget, but this day I did. So, no pictures of this Sea World trip, but let me tell you, it was an experience!

While I was there I took one of my Simply Sent kits with me and made a ton of cards. I had already followed the directions and made the cards I was "supposed" to make with the kit, but then I took some extra card stock and made myself some other designs as well. I'll be shooting pictures tomorrow and posting here as well as posting on my website.

So, to try to drum up some comments from y'all, let me ask a question: What is your favorite stamp set and why? Just let me know...and there may be a little something worthwhile in it for you. That's all I'm saying.

Have a great night everyone, I'll see you here again really soon!


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