Sunday, June 1, 2008

Give a girl some Copics....

...and she can play for a day. Teach a girl to really play with her Copics, and she'll entertain herself for quite a long time. That is exactly what Geeta Suggs did for us today at her Introduction to Copic Markers class that I had the pleasure of taking. I must admit, I was salivating just a bit at her really cool wire rack that was jam-packed full of these amazing markers. I think my heart might have stopped once or twice, and I know I felt my credit card trying to jump out of my purse, but alas, the supply was down at the Memory Depot. But all is well, as I know that they are ordering more, plus I have some new Elzybell stamps on special order coming in as well! YIPPEE!!! So, here are the four examples of cards that I made today using some really cute A Muse stamps and Copic markers. Now I feel the need to sit down and play more with my selection (and Keli's as well....thanks for letting your little guys stay with my little guys...maybe they'll make more markers in my stamping room at night!) I didn't really do much blending on my first card, just a little on the trees and grass, and some shadowing around the house. I apologize up front that I did not write down all the colors I used, because, well, I tried to use all of them. Don't judge me. You would have done the same thing if you saw that nifty wire rack filled with coloring goodness.

This one has to be my favorite...with the multi-colored flower pots and just a little shadowing to let you know that they aren't just floating through space. This is a trick that I have done for years when I watercolor, but never did with markers! It really does make a difference in the overall finish of the image. Then you can see my pretty pink ballerina all ready to spin and twirl. My little girl immediately picked this as her very favorite that I made and technically called it as "her" card, meaning that I had better not even think of sending it elsewhere. Ever.

Finally, the latte cup with the sentiment, "How ya bean?" stamped under it. A little more shading going on, but I think I liked the other cup I stamped better. Still this one made it to the final card.

Thanks again to Geeta for the fun morning, I really can't say enough good things about her. If you have the opportunity to pick up one of her classes, I do recommend them, they are almost as fun as mine...LOL!

I hope everyone has a great weekend...until next time...Happy Stamping!


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Lydia said...

OOOHH - I love these! Your coloring is wonderful! I suppose you already know that the latte is my fave!! :)

Thanks for taping my show! And I'm LMAO over the markers multiplying in your studio!!!