Saturday, October 4, 2008

Does this sound familiar... any of you ladies out there? Here is the situation:

Your husband gets sick. You, being the concerned wife, make an appointment for him to go see his doctor, take him there, take him home, go back out to the pharmacy to fill his prescription, come home and give him said medications, tuck him into bed, take care of the kid, the laundry, the cooking, the yard, etc., all while making sure to check on your husband in a regular fashion and make sure he is indeed still breathing and trying to recover. You do this for as long as it takes until he makes a decent recovery, at which time you still "pick up the slack" so that he doesn't get himself sick again.

Now, let us look at the next scenario.

You get sick. Your husband, whom you know loves you dearly, allows you to lay on the couch for about 20 minutes. Then he comes over and asks, "Hey, sweetie? The kiddo is hungry...what do I feed her?"

"She's almost 5, just ask her what she wants. Open the refrigerator. Throw a pop-tart to her. You have a degree from a decent university and spend your days making sure that a zillion people get the correct medications, you can figure this out."

"Oh. OK. So, what do I feed her?"

You get up off of the couch, look your sweet off-spring in the eye and say, "Honey, what do you want to eat?" You then give the child the item and lay back down on the couch so your body can continue trying to fight off the 101 fever you are now running.

Twenty more minutes pass.


Husband: "Honey, be quiet. Mommy is sick. We need to let her rest as much as possible."

Child: "But I need mommy to help me find the glass slippers for my Cinderella."

Husband: "Honey? Can you tell me where the glass slippers for Cinderella are?"

At this point, I am glad that I have a half-way decent brain-to-mouth filter, because the first answer that pops to mind involves where I would like the glass slippers to go, and it is nowhere near sweet Cinderella's feet.

This scenario continues to play out until you decide it is easier to continue performing all of your normal day-to-day duties than try to get any kind of rest because your family thinks that mommy/wife has some kind of switch where we can put our fever and body aches on hold until everything else in their world is good. AARRGGHH!!!

I should not complain, I truly should not. I mean, I did get the hubby to fetch me a couple ibuprofen and a glass of tea to choke them down with. I'm just wishing that there was a time-clock installed in my living room so I could clock out for just a couple hours to get some really good rest. Then, to add insult to injury, my body decides to follow its weird Circadian rhythms and start waking up around 11 p.m., insuring that I will not get any appreciable sleep this evening.

Oh well. One thing is certain. Everytime a wife/mother/woman gets sick it reaffirms to her family that without her they are but a pizza delivery service away from reverting into a wandering tribe of nomads, scrounging around the land trying to figure out how to put the toilet paper on the roller or get food to magically go from the big cold box to the big hot box and then to the table on clean plates. This is a good thing for them to remember every now and then, even at the expense of a fever...LOL!

I hope everyone out there has a great weekend. I promise for those of you who are coming to the World Card Making Day event tomorrow that I am going to have my lysol hand cleaner out on the table and I will be sufficiently medicated to make it through our day. In fact, I am pretty sure that a couple hours of stamp therapy is just what the doctor ordered for me.

Until next time, Happy Stamping!



Lydia said...

OOOOH - you started my day with a stifled laugh, girl!!

Stifled because it's 5 am, and the Y Chromosome is sleeping.

They are extremely delicate creatures. Last night there was the extreme emergency of the half gallon of Blue Bell Snickerdoodle right in the front of our teeny freezer going all invisible and causing whining and confusion!!

Off to Starbucks to gird up for the big event! I hope I remembered everything!!

Rose said...

Add to that this little scenario -
You are sick and spend most of the day in bed because hubby has told you he will take care of the things around the house and get it in order for the out of town guests that are coming for a visit starting tomorrow. Soooo. . . you wake up from your nap around 6 pm, and your hubby is sitting in the recliner (house still a complete DISASTER - all except your beautiful, sparkly kitchen). Unfortunately, it took him EIGHT HOURS TO CLEAN THE FREAKING KITCHEN!!!!!!! And now, at 9:51 pm, I have stopped my mad dash to straighten up the house and will resume Project Clean Up tomorrow.


Feel better, Kim.