Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Projects...

...that are perfect for Halloween.

I know I posted earlier this month showing some of the treat bag toppers that I had done, but after working on them in large scale tonight I figured I would share what I was up to this evening in the stamping room. Little Miss has her Halloween party tomorrow at school. I spent the day baking various bat, pumpkin, and black cat cookies for her to take to school, but decided I wanted to make little treat bags for all of the kids. I started by cutting some card stock 4" x 5 1/2" and running it through the Cuttlebug with the spiderweb folder. I prescored each piece at 2 3/4" before dry embossing it to make folding a little easier down the road.

I then stamped my Booglie Eyes monsters and colored them in using blender pens and ink pads, and rubbed the edges of the torn cardstock with the same color of ink that I mounted the stamped image on.

I stamped the sentiment in matching ink as well, then added the little creatures to the actual cellophane bags using Staz-On ink. (Am I the only person out there that loves the smell of this stuff? I know that one day I am going to find out that it is made of methyl-ethyl bad stuff and I will have suffered a fatal dose by then, but until then I will still take a sniff every once in awhile.)

Then I took the chance to put a little Three Muskateers, Hershey bar, and Krackle bar in each bag and seal them up. I figure by the time all of our kids get home they are going to be on such a sugar high that they will crash long before the actual trick-or-treating begins. While we are on the subject of candy, what is your favorite Halloween treat? What would you fight your siblings over after the trick-or-treating was over? What did you know you had to hide from your mom to keep her from eating? Post a comment and let me know.
I will admit that I do impose a "mommy tax" (as Cecile calls it---love that!) on all of Little Miss's candy. What this entails is simple. After we get home from her hitting up all the neighbors for candy I will go through her stash to make sure it is all safe. (Man, the mom that thought this ploy up is a genius!) As I go through each piece I look for signs that it isn't "safe" for my darling daughter. These include open wrappers, strange, foreign looking candy, or anything that has the words "Reese's" or "Snickers" on it. Now, she does not have any kind of food allergy that would prevent her from enjoying the peanut butter cups or Snickers. This is simply the mommy tax that she must pay for me escorting her around the neighborhood and/or carrying her if her knees start getting all bendy or if she gets all melty.
With temperatures in the upper 70's tomorrow night I would say that there is a slight chance of melty with scattered bendy in her forecast. That is all for the night. I hope that everyone has a safe and fun Halloween, and until next time...Happy Stamping!

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Rose said...

Well, I know that Kate gets "sleepy" legs and Hannah's get "broken." We'll see how many of those we have this evening. Have fun!!