Sunday, September 14, 2008

Country Roads...

...take me home. We are currently in Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia visiting with my father-in-law, JP. He is about the most wonderful guy you would ever want to meet and the best Paw-Paw Little Miss could ever ask for.

I wanted to thank everyone who was saying prayers that my family and I would have a safe flight here. Our flight was amazing! We flew over the top of the hurricane and got an incredible view. I would love to have some pictures to submit here of the sights I saw, but Little Miss has taken the window seat from me and refuses to relinquish it, so getting good shots was pretty much impossible. Add to that the fact that I am the MOST NERVOUS FLIER IN THE WORLD and you can see how it wouldn't work out so well.

Anyway, after leaving our house at around 5:30 yesterday morning (did y'all know that 5:30 comes twice a day? I did not.) we left Bergstrom around 8 a.m., flew into Nashville for a 2 hour layover, then on up to Columbus, OH, at which point we picked up our rental car and started our 3 hour drive into Charleston. I will vent just a tad about our rental car. It was absolutely filthy inside and out, and I intend to let the company know how bad it was as soon as I get home. Yuck!

Little Miss made sure last night to spend plenty of time explaining to her Paw-Paw the intricacies of Littlest Pet Shop versus Puppy in My Pocket and how you can make them play together. If only the world would figure out a system like hers, there would be no more! She then showed him everything in her backpack, talked my husband into letting her have a lollipop before dinner, and demonstrated her ability to eat 2 big slices of pizza. I am sure that Paw-Paw was impressed.

Today we are going to go grocery shopping then I will begin a 6 day cook-a-rama to fill up JP's freezer with homemade meals for when we return home. If I can figure out how to get pictures from my other digital camera onto the laptop I will show y'all some of the beautiful sights from here. I'll be home on the 20th, and can't wait to get back to my stamping table! (Keli is keeping it warm for me though....hi Keli!)

I hope everyone has a great week...and I'll see y'all soon! Until next time, Happy Stamping!



Lydia said...

HAHAHA - I love the REAL 5:30 - the early one!!

Hey - when are you coming to fill up my freezer?

Rose said...

Wow. . aren't you the world traveller? You flew into Columbus to drive to Charleston? Can you explain that one to me?? Have a great trip!!