Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trick or Treat...

...has got to be one of the favorite things Little Miss says all year. She, much like me, has quite the little sweet tooth and loves Halloween! So, in order to make her treat giving a little more fun this year, we are making Halloween treat bags with
little toppers.
These quick little watercolored cuties are made with one of my very favorite Halloween sets that is no longer with us, "Booglie Eyes". I mean, who can resist a little green faced vampire when he has those great big, fun-loving eyes on him? I tell you, not since George Hamilton played in Love at First Bite has a vampire seemed so, well, approachable.

These are 4 of the 5 toppers that we will be doing in my Halloween treats class this week, along with 2 cards to go with the theme (although I think we will be using some new sets for those cards!).

Now, a quick update on the DH: we went back to the doctor today and he definitely still has pneumonia. He has been referred to a pulmonologist for further consultation, so we are just waiting to hear from that doc and get the appointment set up.

My dear friend and blogger extraordinaire, Lydia over at Understand Blue decided to tag me, so I have to share 7 facts about myself to the general reading public. Being a person of many hats but very few secrets, I have been pondering what you might not know about me, and here are my 7:

1. I was not born in the United States. My father was stationed in Sukiran, Okinawa and my mom was able to come overseas with him, so I was born on the US military base there. When we returned to the states I spoke as much Japanese as English, but now my Japanese is limited to "Good morning, how are you", and "Thank you".

2. I had my little brother absolutely convinced for the better part of a year that the shark from "Jaws" lived in my room and would eat him if he dared to come in there. I cemented this in his little 4-year old mind when I was 12 by hiding under my own bed, waiting for him to come into my room, and singing the ominous, "DAAA-Dump....DAAA-Dump-Bump" tune from the movie (which I forced him to watch when my mom wasn't looking). Oh. Hi mom! I never did that...err...hey! At least he doesn't swim in the ocean and scare you like I do!

3. Ironically, I am now terrified of sharks. This is only all the more cemented by the fact that Discovery Channel airs "Shark Week" every year right before we go to the beach for a week. I still go in the water, but you better believe I am on the constant lookout for anything that looks remotely like a shark. Also, and this is important if you are ever in the ocean with me, remember that I know I don't have to outswim the shark. I only have to outswim you.

4. I worked my way through college as the midnight shift police dispatcher for our university police. Oh yeah! Telling cops where to go and what to do all night long for $5.00/hour. That was fun. Although I have to admit you find out alot about the seedier side of college life when you get to help process the folks that come in between the hours of 11 p.m and 7 a.m.

5. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education, with a minor in Science, and I finished my degree when I was 20. I know I am dorky now, but I was the super dork back then. I even started work on my Master's Degree in Education before I decided that a better career choice would be to ride around like a monkey with my tail on fire in the back of ambulances playing "Johnny and Roy" for a living. "Rampart, this is Squad 51." If you don't know what I am talking about, please click here to find out about what the subconscious mind of a young child watching TV can do to a girl.

6. I met my DH on a blind date, and married him exactly 6 months later. We were set up by a police officer we both knew at the time. About 2 months into us dating the I completely stood the hubby up on a date, which caused him to say, "OK, I'm not going to see her anymore," until he found out that I had broken my neck playing softball that afternoon and was a little too, um, how can I put this?? Oh yes! A little too nekkid in the trauma room of the local hospital to let him know I wouldn't be able to see him that night. This weird series of events is what led me to knowing that I did really love him because once I got home from the hospital he would come by and just leave me books, videos and CDs on my porch in the morning after he got off from work so I would have something to look forward to each day. Kind of proved himself to be more than I ever imagined, and I do not wish that injury away because of it.

7. After college I spent the summer marching with Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps. Since my instrument is flute (just like Sarah P.) I knew I would not be able to audition for a "musical" spot. Instead, I learned how to spin a flag. I did not make the cut the first year I auditioned (1990), but got the last open spot for the 1991 season. It was the hardest and at the same time the best thing I have ever done, and if any of you ever have the chance to get down to San Antonio to see the big DCI show there, you will not regret it. If you know any kid that wants to march drum corps, you need to really encourage it. I promise, they teach a level of discipline there you won't find anywhere short of the Marine Corps.

OK, that is all for now! Just a few little tidbits about me, hope you enjoyed them! I hope everyone has a great night, and until next time....Happy Stamping!


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