Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What if Martha had a contest...

...and I won? That would be pretty awesome!

Martha Stewart is having a blog contest right now. Just click on her name to take you to her page and look it over. If you have a blog and want a chance to win, just follow the directions and enter. I have to say, I am in love with the new Martha Stewart circle cutter that I got the other day. So in love that you will be seeing a card here very soon featuring some of those circles!

I have to take a brief moment to tell you my story of woe from yesterday. I was running around late yesterday afternoon, trying to get a week's worth of errands completed so that I would be free to stay home and take care of the DH this week. One of the errands was to fill the car with gas, so I headed up to the Randall's station at Manchaca and Ben White because I had earned some discounts there. As I am filling the vehicle, I realized that my credit card was in the pocket of my jeans and thought, "You know self, you need to put that back in your wallet." I figured I would do that when I got back into the car to leave.

Well, as fickle fate would have it, the credit card fell out of my pocket as I got into the car. Did I notice this? Of course not! I drove away and didn't realize this until I was literally 7 miles away from the gas station.

Ponder this little question for a moment: with gasoline at almost $4/gallon, where is the last place on earth you want to lose a credit card? At the GAS PUMP!! I called the station, and a wonderful attendant (thank you Maribel) went right out to look for it. Of course, Mr. Murphy being who he is and loving his little "law" so much, it was not there. Gone. I still went back to look around myself, hoping beyond hope that I might spy it somewhere and the damage would be minimal. No such luck. I turned my car again towards home and made it here as fast as I could.

Now, you want to know something really funny? When you call the 800 number to report your credit card stolen they ask you (or the little automated voice-mail girl asks you) to please enter your credit card number! Ho, Ho...HAHAHA...AARRGGHHH!!!! If I had my credit card number that would mean I would be looking at the card that I am calling to report lost! I finally managed to get through to a real live person just as I was logging into my online account.

Then, my faith in the goodness of humanity was instantly restored. As I finished logging in I saw, "This account has been closed. The card was reported lost/stolen." Do you know what this means? There was someone, some wonderful individual who found my card at a gas pump and had the decency to pick it up, call the number on the back, and report it lost to my credit card company. They didn't fill their tank. They didn't go on a shopping spree. They were honest and empathetic about someone that they didn't know.

I doubt that this wonderful person will ever see this blog, but if by some chance they do, I just want to tell them thank you very much! You saved me a lot of worry and frustration and I truly, truly appreciate that! You could have used that card to fill your car and probably never been caught, but you were a good person, and even if I never know who you are you are one of my heroes!

I hope everyone has a nice day and has a chance to do something nice for someone that they don't know. Until next time, Happy Stamping!


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Rose said...

Oh how wonderful! Thank you kind person!!!