Monday, September 8, 2008

Yes, Lydia...there is an OJ....

...and apparently he is working for UPS now. Case in point: the Bruno Magli bloodstained footprint that was on my last Stampin' Up box.

For those who need further proof, I encourage you to check out a box that Lydia got here. I guess he must have stepped on my box in an effort to prove he is faster than my normal Mr. Brown. Come to think of it, I haven't seen my normal Mr. Brown lately. Let's just hope he is ok as he is supposed to come here Wednesday and I do love ambushing him at the front door.

So, even though the box looked like someone needed to encircle it with crime scene tape, almost everything made it ok. My only casualty was my new Filigree brads, which had opened and mostly escaped out of the gaping hole in the bottom of the box. Thank goodness demo support was there to console me and ship me some new ones out.

Now that I have some new stuff (and Keli is back home to serve as my muse....hey Keli!) I actually sat down to make some new things. This is a birthday card for my brother, who just turned 31 (punk!). I love him to pieces, and he loves to fish, so I figured this little Riley would be perfect. It is always so hard for me to do more masculine cards, but I think I managed to pull this one off ok with the blue/brown combo and simple striped paper. I even managed to get a few "flowers" on there using the Pocket Silhouettes set on the bottom. And since his birthday was Saturday, and I mailed it today, I am insuring that he gets to continue his celebration for a good week after the actual day. You don't have to thank me for thinking of you, brother! I'm just a giver like!

This one is for my mom (hi mom, it's on the way to you right now!). Sometimes she reads my blog, sometimes she doesn't. Sometimes she is so embarrassed by my unabashed, shameless stalking of my UPS man that she denies that I belong to her and refuses to let her friends/family in on the fact that they can subscribe to my blog and keep up with my daily musings.

Anyway, I still love you mom! LOL!!

This card was made with the Upsy Daisy set. I can see me getting a log of mileage out of this one as the days go on. It is so pretty, and lends itself perfectly to the "thumping" technique. For this card I inked up the image using Kiwi Kiss, then "thumped" some of the edges with my Not Quite Navy marker. After stamping, I sponged a little Baja Breeze ink on the top edge of the cardstock, then mounted it on navy and kiwi mats. I finished it off with some of the great new double-stitched Kiwi Kiss ribbon. Just goes to show that a "simple" design can really work sometimes.

Finally, I wanted to take the time to welcome my new baby to the family. Meet Saab-rina. She is the car I have been longing for, and I am still in shock that she is actually sitting in my garage right this very moment.
My dear, sweet, loving husband has known for quite some time that Jessica Jeep has not been doing well. She spits up, her rear end basically fell off, and she refused to let her rear turn signals come on. It was so bad, the poor thing jumped off the rack at the garage one time in an attempt to put herself out of her misery. I'm not kidding...the whole Jeep fell off of one of those lifting racks at the garage. Luckily, no one was under her at the time.
So, in an attempt to keep momma happy, and because of the incredible deal we were able to get at Roger Beasley (Seriously...two thumbs up to that dealership.
This is my second car from them and both times we have been treated like gold.) he got this car for us (read: ME!!!). I figured he deserved a little pat on the back for this if you see him anywhere, tell him he is a great guy, because, well, he is!

I hope everyone has a wonderful night. I'll be posting more pictures soon, and I am thinking they will be Halloweeny in nature! Until next time, everyone, Happy Stamping!


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Lydia said...


WHAT IS GOING ON AT THE UPS BARN??? That is so scary and yet so hilarious at the same time!!

SAABRINA IS A KNOCKOUT! She is totally the Sarah Palin of cars!!
And on another note, when is MY rear end going to fall off???


Love your cards. Gonna steal your car!