Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday... my sweet little niece, Haley, who turns three this Friday! Here is the card I made for her (and actually mailed on Monday, I would like to add). I have to put that disclaimer in because, well, I have an "issue" with getting cards sent off on time to arrive before the actual event.

Hello, my name is Kim, and I am a card-sending procrastinator. It is a well known fact within my family that if your card arrives within two weeks of your birthday, anniversary, or other special event then you have officially gotten an "on-time" card from me. It isn't that I don't care enough to send the very best, it is just that there is some missing switch in my brain that just physically prevents me from getting it into the mailbox on time. Call it "postal bravado" if you will, but I feel that I will always have time to mail it, then I realize that the card cannot physically travel from Austin to Alabama in 12 hours. Then, I will rationalize, if it is going to be late, might as well be really late. That way, it is like a little extra celebration for the recipient after their special day. So see, I love them more than the rest of my on time family. I want to extend their fun right on through the next couple of weeks. Because I'm a giver. Yeah, that's it!

So, back to the card. I usually try to shoot my pictures without flash because I get a really bad glare on my photos...mostly because I set my camera to "macro" to get those tight shots, but this time I had to add some flash so you could get an idea of how sparkly and cute this little "h" is. I know my girly-girl niece will love a sparkly "h" on her card, so I had to give her one. The image is from the retired set "Hip Hip Hooray" which I loved from the get go. I stamped the little critters using Basic Black and let them dry a couple of minutes before taking the blender pen and ink pads to them to color them in. I drew the colors for the image from the cardstock colors that I used, Pixie Pink, Green Galore, and Lavender Lace.

I stamped the main piece of cardstock all over with the cupcake and party hat images then added the "Happy Birthday" using Pink Passion over the top. I had to do a little bit of masking on the squirrel's head to keep the balloon lines from cutting right through it, but it was quick and easy. Then for the sticky cut letter I mounted it to a piece of Lavender Lace cardstock and cut it out before applying the glitter to it. I have to say, if you have not played with the sticky cuts yet they are way too much fun! I have never had such an easy time putting glitter on something as I did on this.

After finishing the card I ran it by Little Miss A for the final seal of approval. It got a "Mommy, it is gorgeous...did you make this one?" which is a compliment from her so I knew that I could put a stamp on it and send it on its way to my home state and my sweet niece.

On another line...I am going to take the child to SeaWorld on Thursday. Those of you who spent any time at my house about 2 years ago (when she was 2 1/2 years old) know that this is her most favorite place in the entire world. We go so often that the dolphins in the big petting/feeding tank know my daughter. I am not saying this indiscriminately either. She can walk up to the tank without one of those french-fry boats that the fish to feed the dolphins are kept in, and they will swim right to her. Every time. It is great fun for us, and everyone wonders how she does it, but I promise you, it is like they think she is a missing dolphin baby that has made it back to the pod. If it wasn't so darn cute I would be sort of creeped out by it.

She also makes a point to explain the difference between male and female killer whales to everyone around us at the "Believe" show (for those of you who don't know, male whale's dorsal fins stand straight up, the female's fins sort of curve over back toward the water) and she can sing all the lyrics to the songs of said show. I just know in my heart that one day she is going to work at SeaWorld in that dang tank full of potentially child-eating KILLER WHALES (they don't call them that because they are cuddly, people!) and I will have to stand watch at SeaWorld every single day to make sure that my child is not injured. I can feel the gray hairs popping up already. I wonder if you can color your hair with copic markers? If not, purchase Miss Clairol stock now girls, 'cuz I am going to make you rich one day.

I hope that everyone has a great day! Check out my schedule over at my Stampin' UP! website for my July events, and until next time....Happy Stamping!


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