Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some summer fun...

...with Pun Fun, that is! These are the first two in a set of eight cards that will be made at my upcoming "Pun Fun Class". This little set is so much fun to play with, and really versatile as well. I love silly puns to begin with, so this set works really well for me.
My true acid test for whether or not a card will work during a class or workshop is to show it to Little Miss A. If I hear, "Oh Mommy, it is gorgeous, I LOVE IT," then I know I have a winner. If I hear, "Oh, that's nice." then I know it is time to
hit the drawing board again. Of course, to her credit, she will try to tell me something that she likes about a card that she doesn't care for, so I guess I can put "empathy" pretty high on her personality list, even if she is a monkey with her hair on fire most of the time.
So, something else completely unrelated. Tomorrow I am going to bike with Little Miss in the annual Shady Hollow 4th of July parade. They always have a few floats, lots of pets, and some folks riding on their bikes. I checked the tires tonight to make sure that we don't have a replay of the "Melty" walk home from the pool a couple of weeks ago. The little one is excited about actually being in the parade, and I promise I will try to take photos before and after to show everyone.
After that it is back home for me to drink 3 gallons of water (again, remember what I have said about biking and me? Not the best fit in the world, but a girl has to start somewhere.) Then I'll fire up the grill to cook some hamburgers and hotdogs and after we stuff ourselves it is over to the neighbor's house for fireworks. Yes, I said fireworks. Living "in the county" instead of "in the city" has it's advantages. We aren't talking sparklers here, folks, we are talking some serious fireworks that will be exploding over our parched lawns. Good times, good times.
So, y'all have a safe and happy 4th, eat lots of great food and have fun! And, until next time, Happy Stamping!

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Lydia said...

How fun!! Happy 4th!! Muchas Gracias for the Rock the Vote!! Wish me luck!

I'm gonna walk my hiney off tomorrow I hope...

The pun fun cards are great - especially the coffee cup one!!