Friday, July 18, 2008

Some good news, and some bad...

It is with a tear in my eye and a caffeine deprived hand that I pass along the news that I found waiting for me this morning when I checked the web. Lydia, you may want to just look away and not read this. I'm not sure if this is even your favorite Starbucks to go to, but it had quickly become mine since it is the absolute closest to my house. What really upsets me is the darn thing has only been open for a few months and hasn't been given a chance. Stupid downsizing.

OK. It will all be ok. Especially since I got this in the mail yesterday:

Next to a visit from Mr. Brown (and I will be seeing you later today, Mr. Brown!), there is no happier moment than when my man in blue brings me a little box from Michigan with this label on it. Why, you may ask? Well, because inside the box, you see the cutest packaging in all of stamping history, equal only to the little blue box that comes from Tiffany's in my book. It looks something like this:

I keep telling myself that one day I am going to turn that cute tissue into a card, but I haven't done it quite yet.

Anyway, inside this sweet soft blue wrapped package I knew that I could look forward to some new stamps. More specifically, I great set of Hannas that I had been eyeing for some time as well as my ultimate favorites, Riley Moose. Multiple mooses. Meeses even. Well, here they are for your enjoyment:

I love all of my meeses to pieces! And I have quite a collection of them at this point. I am kicking myself for not ordering the vampire Riley, because he was about as adorable as you can imagine a moose with fangs being, but I will be content for now with the Pirate and Cowboy. So, my goal today is to bring you some stellar creations with the new stamps. And, because Lydia drags me kicking and screaming into the 21st century of bloggers, you can now know when I do update my blog by subscribing to my email updates. Because I know you hang on my every keystroke.
Wow. I'm absolutely intoxicated with my own power right now. That must mean that someone is about to show me exactly where I fall on the food!
I hope everyone has a great day....and until next time (very soon!) Happy Stamping!

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