Monday, July 28, 2008

Whiff of Joy

No, I haven't gotten high on the fumes from all the cleaning products I've been using today...this is the name of a brand new stamp company in Switzerland that is about to have its first release.

The company, Whiff of Joy looks to have some very cute images. If you click on their name you will see that their website isn't completely up yet, but you can then click on the Whiff of Joy Blog to get to the company owner's blog where you can see some of the images that will be released.

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, first of all, I think that they are pretty cute, and secondly, I get a chance to win some for free by telling you! And if I win some for free, you may all come over to my house and play with them. (Just not everyone at once, ok?) :-)

After the great computer/internet crash of '08 yesterday I am happy to announce that I am up and running again in a brand new location--my living room! Around 10 p.m. I was beyond frustrated that my wireless would not come back so I moved a bunch of furniture around to get my desk into a location where my DH could hard wire my internet connection. The good news: my computer is now incredibly fast. I'm talking Bionic Man kind of fast. The bad news? I'm afraid it is going to turn into HAL and become all self-aware, and one day I'll just be sitting here, posting a blog or ordering some stamps and I'll hear, "What are you doing, Kim? Close the browser, Kim." (For those of you that don't catch the reference, get thee to the video store and rent 2001: A Space Odyssey.)

So, off to finish cleaning, laundry, helping Keli plant some bamboo (what a brave soul...trusting me around a plant!), then back home to wash the car and then--STAMPING!!!

Hope everyone has a great day, until next time, Happy Stamping!!


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