Friday, July 18, 2008

There's no need to fear...

...Underdog is here!

So, here is the story of this little creation. I ordered a multitude of stamp sets with my Sale-a-Bration benefits after seeing which ones made the cut through the retiring list. Of course, these sets required cutting and setting, so I put myself to the task of cutting out the rubber and getting them onto their blocks. Now, Little Miss A has always been creative. She loves to draw and play with stickers, paint, color, stamp, you name it, she does it. She is keeping me and company while I am busy cutting all this rubber and she asks me if she can play with the rubber pieces I am putting in my stamp room garbage can. I don't see any harm in it so I tell her as long as she only sticks them to a piece of paper that is fine. I fetch her a big piece of her drawing paper and get back to work.

Now, a little inside information about the child. She gets on kicks about any number of topics. She has always had a thing for all topics aquatic, and will wax poetic for days on end about Shamu and SeaWorld and sharks until you want to rupture your own eardrums just to make it stop. The only CD I have heard in my vehicle for the past 2 months is the soundtrack to "Believe", which is the current Shamu show at SeaWorld. Luckily I enjoy it as well, and hearing her rendition of it is hilarious, but to the uninitiated it can sort of feel like indoctrination into some sort of sea-faring mammal cult. I'm just saying, don't drink the Kool-Aid.

Anyway, one of her current movie kicks is Underdog (the new version), thanks to the fact that her daddy gave me a $20 the other night and sent me to the movies and stayed home and watched Underdog with our child and fed her ice cream and maybe, and I can't confirm or deny this, maybe let her paint his toenails. I'm just saying, he's a pretty good daddy to her. (OK, so I'm just kidding about the toenails part. Or am I?)

OK, tangent is over. So, about 5 minutes after raiding my trash can of all the rubber scraps she could fit into her Handy Manny construction hat, she holds up her paper and says, "Hey Mommy, it's Underdog!" And you know what? I think it was pretty worthy for a kid who isn't even an entire hand old yet. So I decided to share with you. Because I'm a giver. And because she didn't even get melty once while she was making it, and that is always a good thing!

I hope everyone has a great day! Until next time, Happy Stamping!!



Rose said...

I love it! Hannah is really into Underdog right now as well. And it's good Mommy/Daughter time. And I allow Hannah to do it too :)

Lydia said...

that is VERY arty!!!!! I love it!! That child has an eye!!!

I'm digging the movie/pedi night too! What a guy!