Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time to rock the vote...

...for my friend Lydia!! She has entered a craft contest at Mind Bites and needs some votes. She has two entries, one for her "Glittery Love Note and Celebrate Today" card and the other for "Handmade Patriotic & Monochromatic card". You have to register with the site to vote (it is free) and you can only vote once per day. Here is my plan....since you can only vote once a day for her projects, I would love to see everyone that checks out my blog to vote for her "Glittery Love Note" project. That way we can maximize her chance at winning this thing. You can still click on the other project to watch the video, or tune in to Channel 11 (Time Warner Cable in Austin) on Tuesday at 1 p.m. to watch her show.

I am getting excited because I placed my order yesterday for all the new In Colors as well as some new stamp sets and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be here by next Friday. Yes, you heard me correctly, not this Friday, next Friday. Why so long, you ask? Well, imagine me and 100,000 other demonstrators all slamming Stampin' Up! with orders all at one time. The picking time that they post went to 4 to 5 days, which is the longest I have ever seen it, instantly. So, I figure they will get my order picked by Monday the 7th, then ship it out to me. And, if my UPS guy happens upon this blog (hey, Mr. Brown, how you doin'?....said in my best Joey Tribianni voice), well, you better be ready for me to tackle you at the truck. But I promise, I'll be gentle. Wouldn't want to wrinkle my paper or anything like that.

I wonder if anyone at UPS has figured out the catalog cycle for Stampin' Up yet? Do you think they have delivery drivers calling in sick on those days because they know that there are thousands of us just waiting for those brown boxes of stamping goodness to come our way? I bet someone there has it figured out. My UPS driver has a system in which he leaves my box at the door, pulls out a 6 foot pole to ring the bell (so he is already half-way to the truck), then makes a run for it. I kid you not. This guy could give Flo-Jo a run for her money. So, to counteract this I now put my dogs out in the yard on "Mr. Brown" day so I can hear them start to bark when he pulls up in front of the house. I think I almost gave him a coronary the last time he was here, since I was waiting with my hand on the doorknob. When I heard the first "thunk" of a box being put down I threw the door open and said, "Hey! How you doin'?" Not really, I think I just told him "thank you" but you could see the fear in his eyes.

Honestly, I have a great UPS guy, and he is perfectly safe coming here. But, he might want to be extra careful when the new catalogs arrive, for I fear that I have customers that are going to be staking out the place to make sure that they get their's as soon as possible, all because I am going to be on stinkin' vacation when the new catty is delivered. I really have to start planning these things a bit better.

That's all for now, off to stamp and post a card in a bit. Have a great day, and until next time, Happy Stamping!!



Jenn in GA said...

kim--bopped over here from lydia's blog. am i just an idiot, or are there full views of the f-w catty preorder sets somewhere on the company website? i'm a demo, but i can't find them! arrgh...if you could lead this horse to water, she just might drink.

Jenn in GA said...

kim--never mind. somehow i stumbled on it!